We build beautiful.What can we build for you?

Looking for a cork sheet board that is built just for you?…or a custom sized framed chalkboard that fits perfectly on your kitchen wall?
Or for your social event? Marriage anniversary? Gaye Holud? Or just to decorate your home interior?
Your search is over. AA sourcing is the designers and builders of the highest quality boards you will find anywhere – period.

If you are purchasing one of the EPS (Cork Sheet) boards from us or require a custom size – we are building that board just for you, from scratch – right here in our workshop.
We use a premium various thickness of cork panel on our cork sheet boards.

We custom design and colour each and every details you provide us for Cork sheet design. If you have any questions about our products – just contact us.
Just Call the phone numbers given in our AA sourcing website.

AA Sourcing produces the world’s finest line of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging material. Designed by our expert team with the strictest adherence to exacting manufacturing specifications and a level of quality control second to none, our EPS foam is highly versatile and capable of meeting a vast array of protective packaging uses.

EPS – also known as expanded polystyrene – is a lightweight packaging product that is made of expanded polystyrene beads. While it is very light in weight, it is incredibly durable and structurally strong, providing impact resistant cushioning and shock absorption for a wide variety of products made for shipping. EPS foam is an excellent alternative to traditional corrugated packaging materials.

EPS foam packaging is used for many industrial, food service, and construction applications, including food packaging, fragile items shipping, computer and television packaging, and product shipping of all types.