From columns to arches and cornices to window surrounds, high-performance architectural EPS shapes have unlimited design possibilities and are used in stucco and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). Our EPS fabrication technology solves many construction and design challenges in addition to adding beauty to both residential and commercial buildings.


EPS is used widely in the building and construction industry. EPS is an inert material that does not rot and provides no nutritional benefits to vermin therefore does not attract pests such as rats or termites. Its strength, durability and lightweight nature makes it a versatile and popular building product. Applications include insulated panel systems for walls, roofs and floors as well as facades for both domestic and commercial buildings. It is also used as a void-forming fill material (pods) in domestic housing slabs, civil engineering projects (block) as a lightweight fill in road and railway construction, and as floatation material in the construction of pontoons and marinas.

EPS is widely used in many everyday building and construction situations where its light weight, strength and thermal insulation characteristics provide cost effective high performance solutions.

Major applications of EPS include insulated panel systems for use in floors, walls and roofs of domestic as well as commercial buildings. EPS is also well proven in civil engineering applications where its inherent strength means it can support structures such as roadways and railways with complete ease.

Custom foam shapes are commonly used as design elements on buildings and signage. EPS shapes have proven very economical in comparison to wood or concrete products, often providing a 50 to 75 percent cost savings. They can also be manufactured quickly, reducing lead times and avoiding long delays.

AA Sourcing produces the world’s finest line of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging material. Designed by our expert team with the strictest adherence to exacting manufacturing specifications and a level of quality control second to none, our EPS foam is highly versatile and capable of meeting a vast array of protective packaging uses.

EPS – also known as expanded polystyrene – is a lightweight packaging product that is made of expanded polystyrene beads. While it is very light in weight, it is incredibly durable and structurally strong, providing impact resistant cushioning and shock absorption for a wide variety of products made for shipping. EPS foam is an excellent alternative to traditional corrugated packaging materials.

EPS foam packaging is used for many industrial, food service, and construction applications, including food packaging, fragile items shipping, computer and television packaging, and product shipping of all types.